We have produced stainless steel rigging hardware since 1991, now we can produce upset forged, real drop forged, wire form, cast products.The material we use are AISI type 316 and 304.

The stainless steel products we produce and supply, such as: shackle, turnbuckle, wire rope clip, thimble, hooks, eye bolts, hammerlock link, rigging screw, U-bolts, quick link, spring hook, S-hook, swivel chain, etc.Our products have US type, European type, JIS type.

Our real drop forged products can supply: shackle, turnbuckle, hook, wire rope clip, eye bolt, connecting link, hammerlock link, pad eye, D-ring, etc.Since 1999, we start to produce drop forged hardware, now we are the first in China can produce drop forged products.All the above products have full size.

We concentrate on produce stainless steel hardware for more than 15 year, with many years experience, we are the leading supplier for stainless steel products in China.